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Educating everyone in music

Philip is passionate to see people of all ages and from all backgrounds given the opportunity to learn to play music.

Utilising his experience as a session musician, producer and composer, he has taught drums and percussion for nearly 20 years, and continues to specialise in drum and percussion tuition in schools and privately when time permits. He also works with local music services to deliver Rock Schools, drum workshops and songwriting/band workshops.

During his work with InHouse Records, he has delivered education to prisoners, who are passionate about music, in a number of musical instruments, music industry, production and songwriting.

He currently runs the Music Academy at The RoundHouse London. Working with young people looking to persue a career in the music business

He is also working with organisations such as Artstrain and Bromley Youth Music Trust in delivering workshops and sessions with young people who music can make a huge difference to and to some who are interested in a career in music ​

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